Student Expectations and Responsibilities

· PLEASE BE PROMPT. We cannot expect a student to sacrifice their lesson time do to another’s tardiness.

· Come to lesson prepared. Be sure to bring your instrument, practice book or instructor designated materials to each lesson. If you do not have your instrument or necessary materials, it may not be possible to give you a lesson.

· Do not bring food, pop, gum, etc. to your lesson.

· No cell phones in the lesson rooms. Please leave your phone at the front desk with DeAnna. She is a good phone baby-sitter!

· Show respect to your instructor as well as other instructors. Disrespectful behavior in the lesson room or otherwise within the Crossroads Academy facility will absolutely not be tolerated and will result in early lesson release. After two warnings, students will be “suspended” for a week and will be charged to hold the lesson spot.

· Please make your practice among your top priorities! Practice at home! Unfortunately, you will not be an accomplished musician after only a few lessons, and this is why you are required to practice. We want you to be the best musician you can be, and the only way to reach this is by practice!

· We do not accept excuses! If it is important to you, you will find the time.

· Be proud of who you are and proud of the progress you are making! Have a positive attitude about learning and give your best effort. As instructors, we all understand how frustrating learning an instrument can be, and we’re here to help you through the tough stuff!

· Use kind words and helpful manners.

· Students must attend lessons consistently. Habitual no call/ no shows and excessive absences will result in the student being asked to vacate the lesson spot.

· Please do not allow a lack of effort to translate into a lack of progress. We are VERY proud of our school and of all of our instructors. It is the reputation of Crossroads Academy of Music and of our instructors that students play WELL. We WILL NOT accept a parent’s money if a student is not putting forth adequate effort. If there is insufficient effort, students will be asked to vacate the lesson spot.

· Parents, please discuss these expectations with your child. It is our desire to provide a fun and enjoyable learning environment for everyone and at the same time, holding students accountable.