Parent Expectations and Responsibilities

· PLEASE BE PROMPT. We know that life happens and sometimes we run late. But, if you have not arrived within 15 minutes of your scheduled lesson time, you will be marked as a “no call, no show” and charged full lesson price.

· Please be sure your student does not come to lessons hungry. A high protein snack is preferred such as a boiled egg, peanut butter, cheese sticks, etc. Students that tend to have trouble focusing in lessons do much better if they have a high protein snack before lesson time.

· Please provide a distraction free environment at home for your student to practice. No phones, TV, computer, etc.

· Please make practice at home a priority! Treat music practice in the same manner and importance as school homework. (i.e.; School homework; Music practice; Chores; Fun activity like video games.)

· Please do not treat this as an “extra curricular” activity. Music lessons are just like any other educational lesson such as learning a foreign language or algebra. Please do not use music lessons as a tool for punishment.

· Each session is a one half hour private lesson, (unless the student is involved in a group activity or class). Only the student and instructor need be present, unless otherwise noted by the instructor. We have provided closed circuit cameras in each room so that you may watch your student’s lesson in “real time”. Please note, lessons are being recorded via the closed circuit cameras for your student’s safety as well as for instructor safety.

· You may pick up your child after their scheduled lesson time, or please feel free to relax in our waiting area and view their lesson via closed circuit television.

· If your student is under the age of 12, we ask that you remain on site during lesson time. Friends, family and siblings are also welcome to watch lessons in our waiting area.

· Please give AT LEAST 24 hours notice to receive credit for cancellations. This is a pre-scheduled time slot and you will be charged full price for no call, no shows.

· Only ONE credited cancellation per student will be allowed per month. If your student misses more than one lesson, you will be charged full lesson price for additional absences to “hold” your lesson spot.

· Students must attend lessons consistently. Habitual no call/ no shows and excessive absences will result in the student being asked to vacate the lesson spot.

· Log into your My Music Staff account. Instructor notes about your student’s lessons as well as account information and lesson times are all available via the portal. Ask DeAnna if you need information or assistance.